Sex Toy Reviews

Jopen Vanity Vr3 -

Jopen Vanity Vr3

I want to say this toy is good for those looking for both external and particularly internal stimulation, but even the flexibility of the shaft and clitoral arm won’t make it work for every body type. Those also looking for strong non-buzzy clitoral vibration should keep looking. Honestly, the high price tag (<$110) of this toy makes it difficult to recommend because for that kind of money I basically want my toys to make me orgasm and cook me dinner, and this toy did not feel worth the money to me.

Lelo Ella -

Dear Ella: Lelo Ella Review

If you google the Lelo Ella, you’ll find blog posts that often sound more like love letters then sex toy reviews. Ella is beautiful; mine is a matte plum color and the soft feel of it constantly makes me wonder why my other silicone toys don’t feel nearly as awesome. Seriously, it feels like the cashmere of sex toys and is super silky against your skin. There’s virtually no drag at all with this material, and as a dog owner I can happily say Ella attracts less dog fur then any other silicone toy I own (but a  little dust/fur does is unavoidable on virtually […]

Je Joue Mimi Review -

Hello Mimi: Je Joue Mimi Review

Je Joue’s Mimi is a small, flattened egg-shaped vibrator that’s easy to hold, is made of hard plastic encased in silicone, and a bit of ABS plastic around the controls, Mimi has five vibration settings and is waterproof. Mimi sounds almost perfect on paper… so why does it do almost nothing for me? I don’t think it’s the design flaws Mimi has, although clearly there are some. As lovely as Mimi is, my clit is a bit too power-hungry and the vibrations just aren’t intense enough to bring me to orgasm.

Magic Wand Original

Magic Wand = Orgasms: Magic Wand Original Review

The Magic Wand for me is like the ex that you compare anyone who comes after to, and no other toy has really been able to meet the high standards I have because of it. I sometimes picture a world in which I never tried the Magic Wand original: would I like the other toys I own more or would I have just had less orgasms in my life? The world may never know.

SpareParts HardWear's Deuce Harness

Strap-it-On: SpareParts HardWear Deuce Harness Review

SpareParts Hardwear designed the Deuce to be their Spareparts Deuce Harness first harness for men; to assist those who experience erectile dysfunction or want to continue having sex with their partner during the refractory period after orgasm. I kinda feel like they’re selling the Deuce short because really this baby can do so much more.

Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Dildo

Real Nude Ergo Dildo by Blush Novelties

The Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo dildo has dual density silicone is a great and affordable silicone, with only a few minor drawbacks. It comes with a very strong suction cup, a flared base for anal use, and is compatible with some harnesses.