I could write sonnets about my Hitachi Magic Wand Original. Actually, I’m surprised I haven’t. I’m not sure if I think every person should have one (or in my case, two, in case of a vibrator emergency), or if I should advise everyone stay far, far away because no other toy will ever compare. Yes, I legitimately love my Magic Wand that much.

As most people are aware, the Original Magic Wand has two speeds, which are labelled low and high, but are really more like “Oh My God” and “Holy Fucking Shit,” respectively. I think I’ve been using the Magic Wand for 6+ years, and while I’ve wished for a higher setting on every other vibrator I’ve ever tried, I’ve still never used the high setting on the wand. It’s that intense. I’m not sure my vulva could survive it.

The more I learn about sex toys, the more concerned I am with using only body-safe materials, but the Magic Wand is the exception. It’s been grandfathered into my toy box, much the way old houses don’t have to follow new building codes, because the head of the toy is a slightly squishy vinyl material that’s porous. It also makes it challenging to clean because the textured vinyl cover can’t be removed, and the texture tends to trap residue. The vinyl and plastic also tend to yellow and discolor over time. Most people avoid cleaning the textured vinyl by using the Magic Wand through clothing, rather than skin-to-skin. Since I generally use it naked, thanks to my clit of steel, I’ve taken to (extremely carefully) angling the head of the toy under the faucet (make sure it is NOT PLUGGED IN) and washing it with anti-bacterial soap while trying desperately not to let the water touch anything it shouldn’t. I’m not suggesting anyone else try this, it’s just how I clean it. Yes, that’s as much fun to do as it sounds, but it’s the price I pay for multiple orgasms. You can also buy one of the many attachments (like this one or this one) available for the Magic Wand, most of which are made from body-safe materials.

If you’re hoping for a discrete toy, the Magic Wand is about as subtle as leaving your butt plug and a bottle of lube on your nightstand; it’s obvious what it’s meant for. It’s also about a foot long, as wide as my forearm, and weighs a bit more than a pound.

it's the size of a small baseball bat

When the Magic Wand and I met, surprisingly, it wasn’t love at first sight. The first time I tried it on I thought it was way too strong, and the vibrations caused more itchiness then pleasure. Still, I tried it again a few weeks later, love eventually bloomed, and the rest is history. As I said, this was 6+ years ago, so that’s why it still says “Hitachi” next to the on/off switch in the photos. Turns out in 2013 Hitachi decided (after 30 or so years of selling the wand) it didn’t want to be associated with selling vibrators, but the distribution company Vibratex swooped in and convinced them to continue manufacturing the toy under the name “Magic Wand Original.”

The fact that I’ve had both my Magic Wands for years shows its impressive lifespan because I use the Magic Wand at least a few times a week. There was a scary moment several years ago where I thought my first wand might be on its last leg, and preemptively bought a replacement, but the original never actually died and I continued using both of them. This means that, give or take, each wand has survived at least 3 years of heavy use. Given the abuse it can withstand, while the Magic Wand isn’t cheap, I would definitely categorize it as affordable and worth the money at around $60; far cheaper than the Magic Wand Rechargeable,  Doxy Wand, or the Doxy Die Cast, which offer similar vibrations.

On paper, I could write a list of the cons against the Magic Wand Original. The size, the weight, the lack of body safe materials, volume (it’s not quiet), the handle gets very warm during extended use, and it’s attached 6 ft. cord, yet I enjoy this toy more than many others that seem like they should be virtually perfect. Why? It’s effective for me, and clearly for many others since it came to the market in 1968. For me, despite the fact that I know I’m physically able to orgasm, my body tends to be uncooperative at best. Orgasms without a vibrator can happen for me, but the universe pretty much needs to be properly aligned for it to occur. Sorta like a solar eclipse. This was particularly true for the 2+ years I was on Cymbalta, which kept my high sex drive intact, but left it almost impossible for me to orgasm. The Magic Wand was really the only way I was able to have orgasms during that time, and not surprisingly there are a number of medical and scientific journals that have published research showing that women experiencing anorgasmia (sexual dysfunction where a person cannot orgasm) were often able to achieve orgasm using the Magic Wand.

Even off medication, I’ve always had trouble orgasming during partner sex, and I’ve never quite figured out if it’s because I’m very much in my head and can’t shut my thoughts off or if it’s just a physical quirk somehow, so I usually use the Magic Wand whenever I have sex. It’s large and unwieldy, and I find that I use it on and off throughout sex because it’s challenging to kiss or be physically close to your partner while holding something on your vulva the size of a small bat. That being said, sex Magic Wand Originalto me feels best from behind or when I’m on top, both positions that work great while using the Magic Wand. Conveniently, my partner also loves the vibrations and says he can feel the vibrations inside me. He also loves when I lightly put it against his balls, but this may be really uncomfortable for some so if you want to try it I would suggest putting the wand against your palm and touching him with your fingers. Don’t worry, the vibrations will be strong enough to travel through your fingers to your partner.

A few months ago, the Magic Wand Rechargeable debuted, and while I haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet, other reviewers stated that it solves many of the issues of the Original, offering a silicone head, 2 additional speeds, and it obviously no longer needs to be plugged in. I can’t wait to try one.


The Magic Wand for me is like the ex that you compare anyone who comes after to, and no other toy has really been able to meet the high standards I have because of it. I sometimes picture a world in which I never tried the Magic Wand original: would I like the other toys I own more or would I have just had less orgasms in my life? The world may never know.

Sadly the Magic Wand Original is only available for North America (110-120V/60A), and is not safe for use with an adaptor. Personally, I feel people worldwide should have access to the Magic Wand Original, and this should be remedied ASAP. If you do live internationally, the Doxy and the Doxy Die Cast are both excellent options as well.

Pick one up for yourself at SheVibe!


I purchased this toy for my own use, but affiliate links are used within this post. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own.



  1. Kalliopeia Reply

    1. I own the Magic Wand Rechargeable, and it is very much the literal best. I’m broke as shit but that thing was worth every penny.
    2. It’s kind of hilarious that the Magic Wand is referred to as really not discreet, given that it was marketed as a back massager and Hitachi was really alarmed to find out about the off-market use. Everyone knows what it’s for, except apparently the people who made it.

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