Is there a bee in here? There’s so much buzzing… oh wait, it’s the Bswish Bcurious.

Bswish Bcurious Premium - hedonish.comThe Bswish Bcurious Premium is a small rechargeable waterproof vibrator with 7 settings—3 levels of intensity and 4 pre-set vibration patterns. The Bcurious has a cute and non-threatening look, and as the shape indicates, it’s designed for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.  Bcurious has an ergonomic design and fits nicely in my hand; the top of the Bcurious has a slight groove, which fits the thumb or pointer finger nicely (depending on how you hold it), and the rest of your fingers wrap around the toy. Admittedly, I have very small hands, and it doesn’t fit quite as nicely in my partner’s larger ones, but definitely still usable. The Bcurious is slightly under 4.5″ in length and is 1.6″ wide, and is available in 2 colors; black with pink accents, or hot pink with black accents.

The Bswish Bcurious is made from non-porous silicone materials and ABS plastic with a PU (polyurethane) coating, which gives the toy a silky smooth feel. Water-based lube is the best choice for this toy, to protect the silicone, and Bswish recommends cleaning Bcurious by using warm water and antibacterial soap. Bcurious is also waterproof, but there is a flap over the charging port that has to be fully closed before cleaning the toy or submerging it in water.

The Bcurious Premium’s buttons are strategically placed out-of-the-way at the bottom of the toy, where they’re unlikely to be pressed by accident. It has two buttons, which give a slight but satisfying “click” when pressed (so you know you’ve clicked it). The bottom button is the on/off switch, and the upper button cycles through the vibrations. If you turn Bcurious off, you will start back at the low steady vibration setting, regardless of where you left off. The buttons and the border around them act as indicators;  when the toy is turned on they light up a solid blue. While it’s plugged in the buttons flash to let you know it’s charging, and then stay a solid blue when fully charged. The vibrations will not turn on will the toy is charging, and the charge time is about 2.5 hours for 2 hours of play. The standby time on this toy is pretty long too; Bswish states that it’s 60 hours on standby, but I’ve had it in a drawer for a few weeks and it still worked although the vibrations weren’t as strong. When I purchased this toy it came with a normal wall charger, however now it’s sold with a USB charger. Bcurious is also not super quiet even on the lowest setting, but even on the highest vibration, I don’t think you’d be able to hear it through a door on any setting unless you had a very quiet house.

Bswish’s Bcurious vibration settings are:

  1. Low steady vibrations
  2. Medium steady vibrations
  3. Highest steady vibrations
  4. Short, low to high vibrations
  5. High vibration bursts
  6. Faster high vibration bursts
  7. Three short bursts, then one long vibration

My opinion? I bought this toy many years ago, and except for a few “hmmm… maybe it will be better if I try it again” moments, it’s lived most of those years at the bottom of my toy box. The Bcurious is far from the most expensive toy on the market, but I remember trying it after spending almost $80, and being immensely disappointed. The more toys I try the more I realize I’m the vibration equivalent to a size queen (or king); I need intense, preferably rumbly, vibrations. Yup, I have a very picky clit. I think my issue with this toy is less with its power, and more about just how buzzy it is. The noise it makes even sounds like a buzz. Of other two rechargeable vibrators I’ve recently reviewed, the Je Joue Mimi and the Jopen Vanity Vr3, Bcurious’s high setting is pretty equal to the Vanity Vr3’s clitoral stimulator on high. It’s more challenging to compare Bcurious and the Je Joue Mimi because Mimi’s vibrations are very rumbly and feel completely  different then Bcurious’s buzzy vibrations.

Bswish Bcurious Premium -

The Bcurious also has a ton of seams. Overall it has a beautiful ergonomic design, but there are seams at both the top and bottom of the accent color and another seam around the buttons. Perfect crevices for lube, bodily fluids, and dust to get stuck in. The flap over the charging port is a bit of a nuisance, and I’ve accidentally gouged the surrounding silicone with my nails trying to get it open. Lastly, while it’s definitely not a requirement, I think all rechargeable vibrators should have travel locks, which the Bcurious does not.

Bswish Bcurious Premium - hedonish.comThe Bswish Bcurious Premium could be good for someone who likes pinpoint clitoral stimulation, buzzy vibrations, or who doesn’t need a really strong powerful vibration to get off. If you love the power of the Magic Wand Original, or rumbly vibrations are your thing, this is definitely not the toy for you.

The Bswish Bcurious Premium can be purchased at SheVibe, but really it would be a terrible way to spend your money. Just don’t do it. Instead, spend $10 (ish) extra dollars and pick up the Je Joue Mimi instead (read my Je Joue Mimi review here).



I purchased this toy for my own use, but affiliate links are used within this post. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Kalliopeia Reply

    Yeah, the shape looks really comfortable and nicely-designed, but I’m a definite power queen- a broke power queen, which is a sad combination anyway, but toys like this are basically my vibrator nemeses.

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