I’m so happy to announce that I’ve created a private “Mast Cell Diseases & Sexuality” Facebook group. This group is LGBTQIA+ friendly, and welcomes all genders, races, lifestyles (kink, non-monogamy, sex workers), etc. and is a supportive, inclusive, and sex-positive space for any folks with, or suspected of having, Mast Cell Diseases (or their partners/loved ones/etc.) to discuss any concerns or questions around sexuality, sexual health, sex education, or relationship issues.

All members of the group must be 18+ due to the subject matter. No bullying or discrimination will be tolerated and anyone who does not treat others with the kindness and respect they deserve will be removed from the group at the admin’s discretion. Discussion of any sex acts that occur between consenting adults is allowed, but please be considerate of others and add content warnings as needed. Assume that much or all of the content in this group will be considered NSFW (not safe for work).

If you’d like to join, click here: Mast Cell Diseases & Sexuality Facebook Group

While you can search for the group, the group is “private” and no one outside of the group will be able to see what anyone posts or who is a group member.

A note about privacy: Mast Cell Diseases & Sexuality is a private group, which means no one not in the group can see that you are a member or even that the group exists. The group will not appear as a “suggested group” to your friends and family showing you as a member. Please understand that we cannot guarantee 100% privacy or secrecy; if privacy is a serious concern for you, please proceed at your own risk.

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