What is a Neon Wand?

The Neon Wand is a device that’s part of Kinklab’s Electro-Erotic line and it creates an electrical discharge across the skin. It’s intended to be used for Electro-sex, which just means the use of electricity for erotic pleasure. I’ll talk about all the different sensations you can create with it a bit, but the over-simplified description overall is it’s a device that creates what feels like static shocks on your skin. Trust me, it’s more fun then it sounds. The Neon Wand kit comes with 4 different glass attachments—Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90 Probe, and Tongue Tube—that produce different sensations by making the electrical discharge more or less concentrated.

“Electric ray wands” (as the Use, Care, and Safety guide that comes with the Neon Wand kit calls them) have been around since the early 1900’s, and there are others besides the Neon Wand on the market, but the Neon Wand seems to be more affordable. Unlike many others on the market, the Neon Wand is also a solid-state device, meaning that there are no moving parts inside.

It Only Hurts If You Want It To

I’d had a few quick opportunities in the past to check out the Kinklab Neon Wand at sex toy shops, and to be honest I found it a bit intimidating. I’m not a fan of pain, so the first few times I saw this device I totally wrote it off. However, after I had the opportunity to try out some sensation play with a friend at a conference last year, and I learned that 1) I absolutely love sensation play and 2) the Neon Wand is actually a ton of fun, and only hurts when/if you want it to. In fact, those who are really into giving and receiving pain will probably find that the Neon Wand isn’t strong or painful enough to be satisfying.

Each of the four glass tube attachments the Neon Wand comes with offers a different sensation, and you can further customize how it feels by adjusting the intensity of the electricity using a dial on the bottom of the Neon Wand. With any attachment you use for the Neon Wand, the wider the distribution of electricity, the less intense the electric shock. The Comb attachment distributes the electricity the most widely, so it’s the least intense if you have the whole Comb touching your skin, and like all of the tubes it’s more intense if you touch it with just a corner or small bit of it. I preferred the Mushroom Tube, the one with flared circular head, and the Tongue Tube, the one that’s shaped like an oval, the best since I like the sensations they offered. The flat/broader sides of each of those tubes ranged in sensation from feeling almost nothing to a light-to-medium tingly feeling and the narrower edges, especially when the intensity was turned up, offered more of a static shock sensation. Switching back and forth between the different sensations and intensities kept whoever was receiving touch on their toes and was a lot of fun.

The Best Part

The best part about Kinklab’s Neon Wand is that it’s incredibly versatile. The glass tube attachments are great and there are a few other attachments available that offer additional opportunities for different sensations, including a couple floggers, a forceps shaped tool, and my favorite: the Power Tripper. The Power Tripper, for me, is really what makes this device worth buying. While it’s unfortunately a separate purchase, the Power Tripper turns you whoever is using the toy into the conductor and makes the Neon Wand practically limitless, by making your touch, or anything metal that you’re holding, electrified.

The Power Tripper is an attachment that fits into the Neon Wand the same way the glass tubes do, except it’s attached to a black cord with a slightly curved metal plate at the other end. Once plugged in to the Neon Wand, the metal plate of the Power Tripper goes in direct contact with your bare skin. I found it easiest to put it in the waistband of underwear or pants, but you can really put it anywhere. It also doesn’t really matter if person touching or the person receiving touch have skin contact with the metal plate, but for the sake of simplicity I’m just going to assume the person doing the touching is the one with the plate against their skin.

When it’s placed against your skin, but you aren’t touching anyone or anything metal, you might hear the electricity but won’t feel any the electricity until there’s skin to skin contact. Both the person using the Neon Wand and the receiver both feel the same shock when there’s skin-to-skin contact while using the Power Tripper, which leads to some interesting opportunities. I haven’t had the guts to try it yet, but I imagine it could make for very interesting sex. It’s also really useful to be able to feel what the other person is feeling so you know how big of a shock they’ll be getting.

When you start using the Power Tripper attachment, start with the Neon Wand’s dial turned down as much as possible. Even on the lowest setting the shock from skin-to-skin or metal-to-skin contact is equal in intensity to the 90 degree probe (the smallest glass tube attachment) but like I mentioned earlier with the glass tubes, the wider the distribution of electricity, the less intense the electric shock—so using two hands feels less intense than using one hand, using fingertips is more intense than using the whole hand, a spoon feels more intense than a hand, etc.

As I mentioned, when using the Power Tripper anything metal you touch will also become electrified—spoons, forks, chain, metal sex toys, bondage rope that has metal running through it—so the options are pretty endless. If you’re anything like me you’ll spend the first 20 minutes running around your house looking for anything metal that might be fun to play with (tip: start your search in the kitchen, there’s lots there to use!) While the person doing the touching might feel a bit of a shock while using something metal to touch someone, you’ll probably feel significantly less than when you touch someone skin-to-skin. I got varied results depending on how much contact I had with the metal item, so play around with it.

It’s helpful while you’re figuring out the settings and intensity that the person wielding the Neon Wand test it out on themselves before zapping their partner. And like with anything, sex-related or otherwise, having good communication always makes things better too! This is a great toy to set aside some time to try it out in a Sex Lab environment, because it’s a lot of fun to play with and if you’re anything like me you’re probably just going to be silly and accidentally shock yourself a bunch of times while you figure out what sensations you and your partner(s) like best.

Should You Buy It?

Honestly, I think that the wide amount of versatility this toy offers makes it something most people that most people would be able to enjoy. I think the device itself is something that will likely be intimidating to folks who are new to using toys and I don’t think the intensity will be strong enough for those who are really into giving or receiving pain, but most folks who fall somewhere in the middle can find ways to have fun with the Neon Wand. While it’s an extra expense, picking up the Kinklab Power Tripper adds a ton of versatility to this toy. The Neon Wand is a fun device to play with whether or not you buy the Power Tripper, but I’m not sure I’d spend the money on the Neon Wand without it, just because personally, I’m not sure if it’s something I’d use frequently enough to warrant the cost. Then again, if this is something you’d use frequently, and/or if you’re into sensation play or light pain, this is a fun toy to play with and would be worth getting one of your own!

It feels like I probably shouldn’t have to mention this, but who knows what y’all are doing at home—the Neon Wand, and anything involving electricity or electro sex is a bad idea for anyone who using a pace maker or any other electrical medical devices. If you’re not sure if this is something that’s safe for you to use, consult a medical professional. Also, don’t try to make your own or play with this toy using water—mostly just use common sense, and you’ll be fine.

Where to get your own:
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