Tantus Cush O2 - hedonish.comWhen I received the Tantus Cush O2 I felt like I was receiving dildo royalty. The reviews I’d read from other bloggers gushed over the outstanding Tantus dual density silicone and the to-die-for ridges the Cush O2 features. All the buildup over this toy made for quite the let down to realize this dildo, sadly, did nothing for me.

As I mentioned Tantus’ O2 line is made from dual density 100% platinum silicone, meaning that there’s a firm silicone inner core, and a much softer silicone outer layer. Not only does this give the dildo a much more realistic feel, it also means the toy can be thrusted without bruising your cervix (yay!!). The soft outer layer also has enough give that a dual density toy will always feel slightly less girthy you then an equally sized toy made of firmer silicone. I currently own a few other dual density toys, like the Blush Nude Ergo and the Pleasure Works First Mate, and Tantus’ proprietary dual density formula feels unique in comparison. The Cush’s core is firmer and the softer outer silicone has a bit less squish, and although it’s matte silicone never gets the tacky feel my other dual density toys can get, it does come with a decent amount of drag.  I’m a fan of dual density toys overall, and I like that Tantus offers something slightly different from most other brands (at least that I’ve tried).

My Tantus Cush O2‘s color is “Ice”, a gradient purple color that’s darker at the base and lighter at the tip. It’s beautiful to look at; the whole thing looks like a sculpture almost (but let’s be honest, if you leave it out, your guests will know it’s blatantly a dildo no matter how pretty it is). The base is made of the firmer silicone, and the tip is entirely made from the softer silicone, while the shaft feature’s the firm core with the squishier silicone surrounding it. The squishier tip makes thrusting far less painful then a less forgiving material would. Tantus Cush O2 - hedonish.com

Alright people, I’m just going to be upfront about this: I think my eyes are (metaphorically) bigger than my vagina. I honestly thought I would love bigger toys (from the limited selection I’d used this far), but alas, no matter how warmed up I am, the Cush O2 never really felt like it fit me well. The Cush O2 is the largest dildo I’ve tried. Although I could insert the Cush, there was no level of “warmed up” that allowed me to fit the Cush’s 2nd ridge inside me. The stretched feeling, which can feel good (with slightly smaller toys), felt more overwhelming then pleasurable, and that feeling never really went away with the Cush, eventually kind of making me feel sort of numb. I actually put off writing this review (much) longer then I meant to thinking that it was just new and I’d eventually get used to it, or be more turned on, etc., but I think that even the best of toys won’t work for everyone. Hey, I mean there’s plenty of people who don’t like or enjoy the Magic Wand, and that’s been my go-to toy since college.

My theory on why this isn’t the toy for me? I’ve mentioned that I have some medical issues, and the medication I take makes it pretty difficult to get sufficiently wet. However for no discernible reason, in the last few months it’s gone from being difficult to being next to impossible for me to get wet… Virtually at all. The Tantus Cush O2, like most of my silicone toys, gobbled up lube as fast as I could apply it. Without producing natural lubrication, the water based lubes dried up fast, and no matter how much I applied the Cush O2‘s felt like it had a lot amount of drag. I tried coconut oil as well, and even though it helped, but the fact that this toy would just didn’t fit me comfortably was left unchanged. Tantus Cush O2 - hedonish.com

The Tantus Cush O2 is a great toy for those who like slightly larger toys and want to add another great dual density toy to their collection. For those who feel like the Cush O2 might be too big for them, but want to try out Tantus’ O2 line, the Flurry O2 is 1.5″ in diameter and might be a better choice (note, I haven’t tried this toy yet myself, but I have heard good things).

The Tantus Cush O2 was kindly sent to me free of charge by Tantus, Inc. in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own (including all the nice things I said about Tantus, I just think they’re a great company). Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. Kalliopeia Reply

    Ah, as an owner of a slender vagina, I relate to the quandary. Too bad. I really appreciate this dildo’s existence, though, if only because it’s a dual-density dildo that does not resemble a penis, and there are sadly few of those that I’ve seen at the moment.

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