For the longest time, my love of sex toys was pretty much limited to vibrators, but when I saw Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Dildo, I realized it might be time to expand my horizons.


YoBlushNovelties_RealNudeErgo_2u will quickly learn that I am a huge fan of body safe sex toys, because —take my word on this— having one many contact allergic reactions in my vagina is more than anyone ever needs to experience. Needless to say, it was unpleasant.

Made of 100% medical grade silicone, that’s not something you need to be concerned with when using the Real Nude Ergo. What really intrigued me was the dual density silicone, which I hadn’t tried before. Blush’s “Sensa Feel” dual density silicone aims to give the toy a more realistic feel, the center of the toy is firmer, and the outer layers are made of a squishier (let’s pretend that’s a technical term) silicone. The head of the toy and the “balls” (it’s more of a large uni-ball, and doesn’t try to be anatomically accurate) are made of this squishier silicone, and the core of the toy and the suction cup base are the firmer material.

The dildo’s material is smooth but it also has a lot of drag, so lube is definitely required. The Real Nude Ergo is the only dual density toy I’ve used, so I’m not sure if that’s the cause, but this toy makes lube magically evaporate. This is one of my only real complaints about this toy. I’ve always used water base lube since silicone lube doesn’t play nicely with most silicone toys (Blush recommends using water-based lube, like Sliquid, with the Real Nude Ergo), and when I use the Ergo, I use a lot of it, reapplying every 5-10 minutes or so. I think it’s also worth mentioning that while it doesn’t affect the use, the material has developed a slightly more tacky/sticky texture to it over the 1.5+ years I’ve had the Ergo, although I’m not sure what the cause is. As with many silicone toys, it tends to attract every last piece of dog fur in my the house, and because of this I usually wash/rinse it before use, even if it was clean when I put it away from the previous use.

Cleaning this toy is easy. Silicone is always a good choice because it’s non-porous, and therefore can be sterilized. Washing with antibacterial soap is generally sufficient, but you can sterilize by boiling or if your wash it on the top rack of your dishwasher without detergent if your dishwasher has a sanitize setting. I can’t tolerate the smell of bleach personally, but you can also wash it with a 10% bleach/water mixture. BlushNovelties_RealNudeErgo_2dimensions

The Real Nude Ergo’s overall length from the bottom of the suction cup to tip is 8.25″. The length from the top of the suction cup base is 7.5″, and the insertable length is 5.5″ (note: this does not include the “balls”, as I’ve never been able to insert them personally). The circumference of the shaft is 5″ and is slightly larger at the widest point of the head of the toy at 5.5″. The Ergo is one of the widest dildos I own and I love the sense of fullness I get when using it, and the 2″+ of non-insertable length make it easier to hold to while using it solo. Although the straight shaft of the Real Nude Ergo doesn’t really lend itself to g-spot stimulation, I can hit my g-spot with some creative angling but the head’s softer silicone isn’t firm enough to offer much stimulation. The upside is that the soft squishy head of the toy does make it great for thrusting though since it pleasurable and comfortable, and doesn’t feel like it’s beating up my cervix like some other dildos do.

The Ergo also has a great suction cup that will stick to most surfaces, including my bed’s awkwardly curved headboard, the shower wall, the floor length mirror in my bedroom (I’ve gotten a lot of good use out of this toy), etc. It also has a flared base, making it safe for anal play, although I haven’t used it for anal play (the Ergo’s size is more than what I’m ready for). Lastly, the Ergo is o-ring compatible for harnesses and works great with my SpareParts Deuce Harness (note: putting the Ergo into the harness was far easier using Artemisia FemmeCock’s awesome harness trick).


When I purchased it in April 2014, it was selling for closer to $80 (SheVibe has it for far less now) which for me was quite an investment, and to this day I’m glad I bought it. Despite having purchased other dildos since then, the Real Nude Ergo is usually my go-to dildo and is a great toy with only a few minor drawbacks.

While I wish all of Blush’s toys were body safe, it’s hard to overlook that they now have a pretty extensive line of affordable silicone toys, that I’ve heard great reviews of.

You can buy the Blush Real Nude Ergo at SheVibe, but if you’re able to spare an extra $20 or so to spend, I’d pick up the Pleasure Work’s First Mate Firm Core dildo instead.


I purchased this toy for my own use, but affiliate links are used within this post. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. i would love to try this right now my go to is my mustang,. but i am always looking to try more duel density toys

  2. Kalliopeia Reply

    This is one of the cheapest prices I’ve seen for a dual-density dildo, which is cool. Usually those ones are super expensive.

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