SpareParts Hardwear designed the Deuce to be thSpareparts Deuce Harnesseir first harness for men; to assist those who experience erectile dysfunction or want to continue having sex with their partner during the refractory period after orgasm. I kinda feel like they’re selling the Deuce short because really this baby can do so much more.

New to harnesses, I was pretty much under the impression that they were all made of leather and had a bunch of straps, which to me have always looked crazy uncomfortable (… and maybe a bit intimidating). I knew I wanted a harness that would let me peg my partner, let him double penetrate me, and that would fit both of us (I’m 5’1″ and petite, and he’s 5’10” and has an average build). Honestly, I was skeptical something fitting that bill even existed, but was near Babeland and decided to stop in.

I entered the store, and I’m a bit ashamed to admit that even my usually extroverted self was completely intimidated by the idea of shopping for toys in person (silly me), and had to give myself a bit of a pep talk before asking the employees for help (the pep talk was something to the extent of: “You’re being ridiculous! You talk about sex constantly! You actually just talk constantly in general… Way more than you should, you should probably work on that. Wait… stay on topic. Go ask the employee for help.”) Twenty minutes later I left Babeland relieved and excited, and I immediately texted my partner that I had a surprise for him.

SpareParts HardWear’s Deuce is a super adjustable harness that has two holes in the front, allowing the wearer to use either one or two toys (keep in mind Deuce is not designed to be used with two dildos, more about this later), or (if they have one) their penis and a toy.

Depending on the girth of the toy and/or the penis in question, SpareParts offers the Deuce or the Deuce Magnum in either size A or B depending on your waist and thigh size. We have the regular Deuce in a size A, which works for waists 20-50”, and my partner and I thought it fit us both comfortably despite having different body types. SpareParts has a detailed size chart (below) and a video (above), to help you choose what size would work best for you.

When you put on the Deuce, it’s surprisingly simple to adjust the harness to fit, even in a post-orgasm haze when I’m completely useless in general. After stepping into the leg holes, it was easiest for me to do the elastic/velcro waist so it stayed on while I adjusted the leg straps that fit around your thighs and sit at the bottom of each butt cheek, and then adjust the velcro on the waist again if needed. Deuce was comfortable and stayed on securely, giving me the opportunity to focus on my partner and not the harness.

It’s definitely easier to put the toy in first, but if you want to put one in while you’re wearing the harness just loosen the straps around your waist, or depending on the size of the toy’s base, you can fit some through the o-ring from the outside. If you’re having a hard time getting a dildo through the o-ring, I highly recommend checking out Artemisia FemmeCock’s amazing harness trick (you’ll be glad you did!)

SpareParts definitely spent a lot of time thinking about user experience when they designed their harnesses, there’s even a nice flap that you can cover the base of the dildo with so it’s not against your skin (unless you want it to be, which I didn’t). SpareParts also says that you can fit a wireless bullet vibe in the flaps for the top hole, but as that sits a couple inches from my clit I don’t think it would all that pleasurable (plus bullet vibes aren’t strong enough to do anything for me anyways). Even if SpareParts’ intentions were to allow the bullet vibe to vibrate the toy, it wouldn’t have strong enough vibrations be felt by your partner.

The top hole on the Deuce is a stretchy o-ring that fits dildos from 1.25-2″ diameter, but since I’ve managed to fit it over the uni-ball on the Blush Real Nude Ergo I think you might be able to fit toys that are slightly larger, but I don’t have any larger toys to confirm it. The bottom hole is made of the same fabric as the harness and does not have the stretchy o-ring, as it’s intended for the wearer’s penis. As I mentioned before, the Deuce is not designed to accommodate two dildos, but it can work if the toy in the lower hole has a firm, wide base to hold it in place, but it will likely not feel as secure as the top o-ring. The Deuce was also designed to comfortably fit the balls and shaft when flaccid, so while there will be a bit of extra fabric if you do not have a penis, I never felt it was bothersome or in the way.

The Deuce is made from nylon, spandex, and velcro, and is super easy to clean; I wash it by hand in the sink and hang it to air dry, but SpareParts says it’s machine washable on a gentle cycle and can be put in a dryer on a low or cool temperature.




Unfortunately, good things rarely come cheap, and SpareParts Hardwear’s Deuce Harness is no exception, selling for between $135+, but the fact that it’s by far one of the most versatile and well-designed items in my toy arsenal helped soften the blow to my wallet.

Of course, now that I know how much fun penetrating my partner is (and how much he enjoys it too), I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop myself from expanding my collection, and after seeing the rest of the SpareParts harnesses, I’m dying to try out the Bella next.

Spareparts_Deuce_2This is one of my favorite toy purchases…ever. Grab a SpareParts Hardwear’s Deuce harness for your collection at SheVibe.





I purchased this toy for my own use, but affiliate links are used within this post. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own.






  1. Can the Deuce also be used by a woman?
    Please elaborate your answer.
    Why can she also use it …

    • Hey Rick— yep I (a cis woman) was able to wear and use the harness too. There’s a bit of extra fabric since it’s designed to be worn by someone with a penis, but it wasn’t bothersome or in the way.

  2. Kalliopeia Reply

    This looks nifty and well-designed. I don’t have any penises in my life, but it looks like a really great product nonetheless. Way to go, SpareParts.

    • Sadly I haven’t tried any other harnesses yet (honestly with the Deuce I haven’t needed another, I totally want more anyways). The Joque is at the top of my list though to try.

    • John Smith Reply

      My wife has the Joque, and I’m a happy husband. Wife says it’s the best harness they’ve ever owned. We’re so impressed with the company’s attention to detail, we’re going to buy the Deuce for me.

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