My clit and I spent lots of time fantasizing about what it would be like when we finally met the Doxy Die Cast wand vibrator. We pictured our relationship. We stalked it on social media. We envied everyone else who’d already had one. We created a vision board of all the things we’d do together and what we’d name our children. And then, it happened. We got our very own Doxy Die Cast. 


Alright, I want to hear all about it!Doxy Die Cast Wand Vibrator -

The Doxy Die Cast is a wand style vibrator, like the Magic Wand. Like many wand vibrators, the Doxy Die Cast is large, at 13″ long it’s bigger than my forearm, and it’s heavier than any other toy I own (besides my Njoy Pure Wand) at 1.88 lbs. Yet the Doxy Die Cast doesn’t feel bulky or overwhelming, instead, it’s beautifully designed, comes in five colors, and is comfortable for me to use (however I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who might have trouble holding a heavier toy).


How many speeds does it have? Is it noisy?

One of the best things about the Doxy Die Cast is the multiple speeds. It’s impossible to tell how many speeds the Die Cast has, because if you hold the + or – buttons down the vibrations progressively increase/decrease rather than having distinct speeds. I can tell you that the speeds range from 5000-9000 RPM. It can reach impressively strong, yet still rumbly, vibrations. On the lower speeds, the Die Cast offers light extra rumbly vibrations that are excellent. Even I, owner of a steel clit, don’t need to ramp up this toy very high to get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

The noise is quieter than I would imagine for a toy this powerful. It’s not as quiet as the Doxy Don, but given the power the Doxy Die Cast packs I don’t find that at all surprising. On the lowest settings the noise is unlikely to be heard through a door, but if you’ve got roommates or family that live with you, I’d probably leave the TV or the air conditioner running just in case.

The only thing that causes my Die Cast to get really loud is I’ve noticed on the highest setting that the silicone head sometimes spins around causing an awful noise. After asking around, another blogger mentioned this had also happened to their Doxy Massager, and that Doxy was working on a solution for the issue. I’m going to reach out to them to see how this can be fixed, and I’ll update this with more info. I’m not really that concerned because Doxy is known for having wonderful customer service and a great 12-month warranty that covers mechanical breakdown, but also because the silicone spinning also doesn’t affect my ability to use the toy.


Surprise! It’s a sex toy easter egg¹!

I’ve been reviewing this toy for a while, but only while writing this review find out that the Doxy Die Cast also has an escalating vibration feature I’d never been aware of. Unfortunately nothing I read told me how to turn on this mythical feature. Thankfully with the help of Epiphora and Redhotsuz, I learned that if the vibrator is turned off and you hold down the ON/OFF button for couple seconds it turns on escalating vibrations. From there you can use the + and – buttons to adjust the range of the vibrations, and once you turn the toy off and back on (without holding the button down) put it back to normal vibration mode.


Doxy Die Cast Wand Vibrator -


What’s it made of and how do I clean it?

The body of the Doxy Die Cast is made from cast aluminum and titanium metals. I have the silver Die Cast which is just the polished metal, but the colored Doxy’s are powder coated giving them a much more durable finish. The Die Cast is powered by an AC adapter, but it uses something called a “plug top power supply unit” (PSU) which means only a low-voltage actually travels into the vibrator—so all you need to do to use it internationally is swap out the piece that actually goes into the outlet. World travelers’ rejoice! The Die Cast also 3 clear LED buttons, which glow blue, and a cord that’s conveniently 10 feet in length.

One of the major improvements over both the Magic Wand Original and Doxy’s other wand vibrator, the Doxy Massager, is that the Doxy Die Cast has a silicone head, meaning it’s body safe, non-porous and super easy to clean. I just spray a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe it down. Just make sure to use a non-silicone lube, since silicone lube and silicone toys sadly don’t play well.


I heard it came with a really cool case?A photo of the Doxy Die Cast in it's carrying case -

Despite my love of design and a good unboxing experience, I rarely bother to mention the packaging toys come in other than possibly including a few photos (let’s be honest, you want to know how a toy feels, not what the graphic design on the box looks like). However, I’m making an exception since the Doxy Die Cast also comes in a beautiful, well-constructed case (this is an understatement). At home my Doxy Die Cast has earned a coveted spot in my nightstand (only my Magic Wand and the Njoy Pure Wand have ever reached this status folks), so I don’t use the case for day-to-day storage. Since the toy itself is pretty big at 13″ long, the case suitably is also pretty big at about 1.5 feet long, and I can’t see myself carrying this it around. It would probably take up too much space in a suitcase to make it worthwhile, and I’d probably be more likely to wrap my Doxy Die Cast in clothes to protect it during my travels (you better believe I’d leave those extra shoes behind to be able to take my Doxy with me!)

I think the ideal use for the case would be if you took out the foam inside, and instead make it a traveling toy/safer sex kit: Doxy, some other toy favorites, any safer sex barriers, lube packets, wipes, etc. Just tell people you’re learning to play the clarinet when they ask you why you’re carrying the case around and protecting it like it’s your first-born child (hey, it’s precious cargo, okay!?)



Do you like using the Doxy Die Cast?

After my lovely introduction about me fantasizing about the Doxy Die Cast, you’re probably not surprised to hear that I had really high expectations for this vibrator. Do you blame me? It’s gorgeous. It’s a million times prettier (this isn’t a prerequisite for toys but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt) than my Magic Wand, it’s stronger, and it’s made from better and safer materials. Oh yeah, it also has more speeds and can be used internationally. Did I mention how pretty it is?

Doxy Die Cast Wand Vibrator - Hedonish.comThankfully, the Doxy Die Cast DID NOT disappoint me.

Everyone, I need to spend a minute gushing about just how much I love this toy, and then I’ll get back to the facts about why it’s awesome. This toy has replaced my Magic Wand Original, which has sat, completely unused since I got my Doxy Die Cast. I cannot count how many vibrators I have owned in my life, but this is the only toy to ever top the Magic Wand for me.

My clitoris annoys me (I recognize this is a strange thing to say). If you’ve read nearly anything else on my site you likely know that my clit is finicky to a degree I struggle to explain in words. Somedays it’s very over sensitive and others my sensations are totally dulled, so having a vibrator with this range of vibrations is exactly what I need. I’ve been testing this toy for months (I’m nothing if not thorough), so I’ve used it on both good and bad days and have loved it every time.

The Doxy Die Cast is exceptionally rumbly, and the broad head means that I get the broad vibrations I love. It’s heavier than most toys but I find it really comfortable to use—at the bottom right before the cord the toy flares out a bit creating a comfortable place to hold the toy, and at no point during use has my hand ever gone numb from the vibrations. I feel like you can also tell that Doxy spent a lot of time making sure the weight was well-balanced and that it was easy to hold too.

During use, I have noticed that I need to press a bit harder than I would have with the Magic Wand in order to feel the vibrations. This generally wouldn’t be an issue however, I usually use want vibrators around the area above my clit near where the outer labia meet, which also happens to be where I have a lot of pain/discomfort from my Lichen Sclerosus/Vulvodynia, so it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. For the same reason, I also notice that the silicone head has a lot more drag than the mystery material used on the head of my Magic Wand, but I use a bit of lube to minimize any extra friction.

I firmly believe that toys are for every body, regardless of what parts you have, but I primarily used this the Doxy Die Cast as a clitoral vibrator—not because it can’t be used in other ways, but because I have no desire to remove it from my clit long enough to try it out on other body parts. On the few occasions I felt like sharing the awesomeness that is my Die Cast, my cis male partner loved the feel of it on his balls and shaft. We also found that it felt awesome when I put the Die Cast against the hard outer shell of a FleshlightGo, but I suspect many other strong vibrators would work for that too.


There’s a lot of pros… but are there any cons?

Sadly, at $190 (at SheVibe) this is not a cheap toy, and I would definitely consider it to be a luxury sex toy. Do I think it’s worth it? If you have the money and enjoy stronger vibrations, then HELL YES, but that’s sadly not something many people would be able to afford.

That being said, Doxy’s other wand vibrator, the Doxy Massager, is just $110. That’s a full $80 cheaper than the Doxy Die Cast. I shy away from recommending toys I haven’t personally tried, but from what other reviewers have said both toys feel similar during use (and check out The Redhead Bedhead’s post comparing both toys), so that may be a more affordable option!

Get your own Doxy Die Cast at:

SheVibe | Tantus | Lovehoney US

Get your own Doxy Massager at:

SheVibe | Tantus | Lovehoney US

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1 This is not meant to be an easter egg… it’s just a feature I somehow wasn’t aware of. Opps.



  1. Brought for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. She loves it, no complaints so far and lots of extra pleasure for her. Makes her squirt all over!

  2. how neat i didnt know this had an escalating feature! i have been wanting this bad boy for awhile now and now i want it more!

  3. Kalliopeia Reply

    This toy looks so goddamn gorgeous and I’ve heard nothing but good things. If only I wasn’t so broke… *le sigh* I have the Magic Wand Rechargeable, though, and it has a lot of the same pros as well as just being goddamn perfection, so I’m not too mad.

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