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For Our Readers: How Hedonish Operates

Hedonish is an educational blog/website written and edited by Rachael Rose, Hedonish’s founder, however, it occasionally may also accept content written by additional volunteers, contributors, or professional paid writers. While the writers are paid for their time, we value honest opinions and accurate information, and we promise to never post intentionally inaccurate information or dishonest reviews.

Running Hedonish takes a significant amount of time, effort, and energy. To help pay contributors (and our bills) we use affiliate links throughout the site. This means that if you buy toys through one of my affiliate links or banners, I will receive a percentage of that sale as commission, at no additional cost to you.

All toys reviewed on the website have either been purchased by me or provided by a company or manufacturer for an unbiased review of their product. Our reviews will always remain 100% honest, regardless of the circumstance under which we write these reviews.

Review Policies:

  1. I am not currently reviewing the following items: any toy that is not made with body-safe materials, any fragrance products (including, but not limited to, lotions, massage oils, candles, etc.), latex condoms, and lubricants or arousal gels, as I am allergic to all of the above. If you’re not sure if your product qualifies, please feel free to contact me.
  2. I must approve all toys before they are sent to me. I reserve the right not to review any toys sent to me without my approval (but I’ll probably enjoy using them, so thanks!)
  3. If you have a deadline for the review, it must be specified before I agree to review the product.
  4. While I make sincere efforts to review products in a timely manner, life occasionally interferes with my good intentions. I am chronically ill and my illness often flares up unexpectedly for various durations, and this may impact how long it takes for me to review products.
  5. For no reason will I return, pay for, or provide a refund for a product. If I do not receive the product (i.e. it’s lost in shipping), I am not responsible for any costs.
  6. All reviews will be based on my 100% honest opinion. Sending me products for review does not guarantee a positive review. This includes any sponsored/paid reviews. Please see the sponsored materials below for more information.
  7. Writing reviews and running this site takes a lot of time and effort, and sadly, I’m not able to pay my bills with sex toys. I am primarily interested in working with companies that:
    Are willing to pay me to review their product (see #8 below)
    Offer some other type of compensation, i.e. sponsorship of some kind, also purchasing paid advertising on Hedonish, or providing products for a giveaway. Feel free to pitch us other mutually beneficial ideas as well!
    Your product is sold through one of my current affiliates, or you have a good affiliate program and great shop that focuses on sex-positivity and inclusivity, you do not gender sex toys, and you primarily/only sell body-safe toys.
    • Exceptions may be made for toys that I’m personally dying to try. If I accept a toy to review and I am not an affiliate, the link to your store will remain up for one calendar year, after which time I am free to link that post to a current affiliate.
  8. I will review toys that I am unable to make an affiliate commission from for a fee, please contact me for pricing information. I reserve the right to decline these offers if I chose, and all reviews will still be written by Rachael Rose or another reviewer chosen by Hedonish, and only honest opinions will be shared.
  9. Even if we’ve reviewed products for you before if a toy magically shows up at my door without warning it will be considered a lovely gift, and I will not review it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
  10. Links to the product will be a sponsored link.
  11. The responsibility to reviews items may be completed in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: blog posts, video reviews, social media posts, or a review on a podcast episode.

By sending me products, you are agreeing to these terms.

Paid or Sponsored Content:

We accept paid or sponsored content in the following forms:
• Sponsored product reviews
• Sponsored blog posts
• Banner ads
• Sponsored classes, events, and promotions

Please contact us to discuss my current rates.

• All sponsored content will be disclosed as paid for (as is required by FTC Guidelines).

• Sponsored product reviews are still subject to the review policies above when relevant.

• Sponsored blog posts MUST be written by the Hedonish team and will be written in our own words and style. We do not accept content written by other companies or manufacturers. We will share the post with you prior to publishing.

• Banner ads will be featured in the sidebar of Hedonish. All banner ads must be 250x250px, must not be sexually explicit, and must fit the branding and aesthetic of Hedonish. If you do not have a banner meeting these specifications, I can create one for you for a small additional fee.

• All payments must be made upfront via paypal.

• We reserve the right to decline or remove sponsored posts or ads if we feel the company has violated our ethical policies below.

• We’re always interested in accepting sponsorship for events and conferences. Let our founder, Rachael Rose, be a walking billboard for your brand! For package options, please contact us.


• I want my readers to be able to purchase toys I would use myself, and want to affiliate myself with companies/manufacturers who sell primarily body-safe toys and other sexuality products with body-safe ingredients.

• While I may make exceptions, I prefer working with companies that, in addition to selling primarily body-safe toys, do not gender their products and those who provide education and awareness regarding sex and disability.

Hedonish’s Ethics

Hedonish reserves the right to, without warning, remove and/or disclaim reviews, posts, or banners associated with companies (with no compensation to them) whose practices or reputation (marketing or otherwise) I later find, in my opinion, to be sexist, ableist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, fat-shaming, condone non-consent, or are otherwise oppressive or discriminatory.

Hedonish is an inclusive safe-space for everyone, and we reserve these rights to keep it that way.

Using my Content:

You may share my content via a link. Alternatively, you may quote me (75 words or less) AND provide a do-follow link back to my article with full credit. Outside of this, you may not duplicate my content or my photos without my explicit permission.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me with questions at hello [at] hedonish.com

Want to work together? Contact us!

Hedonish reserves the right to update this disclosure as needed and without warning.

Thanks to the amazing Miss Ruby for giving me the ‘template’ for this page.