A Quick Note:

With so many shops and toy companies out there who care more about money than the safety and pleasure of those buying the toys, I just wanted to take a moment to thank Come As You Are and Fuze, and all the other companies like them, who work so hard to make sure body safe toys and sexual pleasure are available to every body!

Who is Fuze?

While I’ve heard the name of this company in passing I didn’t know much about Fuze, so did what I do best… I googled it. Fuze, which is owned by Happy Valley Silicone, is a sex positive Canadian company that makes 100% medical grade silicone dildos, butt plugs, prostate simulators, ball gags, and more—oh my! They also design their toys to have a spot for a bullet vibe (or the We-Vibe Tango), for extra enjoyment. The best part, is that from everything I’ve heard, Fuze is a lovely, ethical sex toy company…. so can we just take a moment to appreciate how happy ethical toy companies make me? They’ve even made a commitment to protecting the environment, by using environmentally friendly energy sources using ethically sourced materials.

A bit about Come As You Are:

Come As You Are is the world’s only worker-owned co-operative sex shop, and was founded as a co-op to ensure “that our worker-owners would never be tempted by the profitability of poorly made or harmful sex products.” They are also one of the few companies that has an entire section of their website dedication to information about Sex and Disability!

The Review:

A note: I requested this toy primarily for pegging/anal play, so the majority of my review focuses on that use. Keep in mind though that sex toys are for every body, and can be used in lots of different ways. Just remember any toys you choose to use anally need to have some kind of a flared base for safety. 

Fuze Harmony with We-Vibe Tango

The Details:

The Fuze Harmony measures 6.75″ long by 1.25″ in diameter, and it’s not squishy in the slightest. The diameter is the same as the VixSkin Spur, the Fuze Harmony looks and feels larger because there’s virtually no give to the silicone. In fact, the firmness of the silicone, as well as the feel and drag of the silicone is very similar to the silicone Tantus uses in the Vamp or Silk dildos. The Fuze Harmony is available in a shiny finish in both black and a deep purple, and when properly lubed-up has very little or no drag to it. The Fuze Harmony successfully combines two key features that are needed in a good anal toy too: firmness and bendiness. This combination means that the toy is comfortable, but also is firm enough to apply pressure where you want it.

In many ways, the Fuze Harmony may sound like a basic silicone dildo, but there are a number of ways it stands out from the herd. The most obvious feature is the unique base nearly all of the Fuze dildos use; it’s textured with grooves that are meant to add stimulation. The base is also curved and contoured to fit the vulva perfectly, but in turn, that same shape means it doesn’t fit well above or against the penis. If placed above the penis, the dildo is angled almost pointing to the ceiling, and positioning it against or below the penis means the penis or balls would get squished. As a good ol’ fashioned dildo, the Fuze Harmony works great as a dildo for any body, but if you’re strapping it on, it’s more comfortably worn by someone who has a vulva.

My (surprisingly) favorite thing about the Fuze Harmony? The hole for the bullet vibrator on the bottom of the dildo. Conveniently, I’d just received a We-Vibe Tango that fits perfectly (I love being able to try out my new toys all at once), but when I first inserted it into the Harmony I was sure it would be jabbing me in the vulva while I used it. I was so wrong.

Fuze Harmony Close Up

After putting the Fuze Harmony/harness/We-Vibe Tango together and stepped into the harness, I was very, very happily surprised to realize that everything was touching me in all the right places. In fact, it actually felt really incredible; the bottom ridge on the base of the Harmony sits just below my clit and seemed to direct the vibrations in just the right way, while the section of the We-Vibe Tango that sticks out of the toy sat against the seam of my outer labia.

I generally disregard spaces for bullet vibes: in my dildos I don’t get enough out of internal vibrations to bother, and while most harnesses have a space for a bullet vibe I always feel like the bullet vibe is crushing my clit too much to be pleasurable, so I was shocked that I loved this feature. The thought that went into the design of the Fuze Harmony is clear because I think this has everything to do with the angle of the hole for the bullet vibe and the design of the base of the Harmony.

Our Experience:

Fuze Harmony, Tantus Harness and SpareParts Bella Harness

My partner and I have been experimenting more with pegging lately, so I reached out to Come As You Are and requested to try the Fuze Harmony (although to be honest, I’m dying to try the Fuze Tango too… maybe next time though). There are a couple of reasons I specifically requested this toy, and why it’s a great choice for those experimenting with pegging:

A. It’s available in black, and black toys are great for any butt play. Although it’s unlikely you’ll have any… err, residue… on the toy, it would be difficult to see it on a black toy (just in case), which is great for anyone who wants to try butt play but is concerned about whether the toy would look “dirty” or not.

B. It’s not a super realistic dildo, and some people can be put off by a dildo that looks realistic, both in general and specifically for experimenting with anal play and pegging.

C. The size is perfect for someone who has minimal/some experience with anal play but not a lot, or for someone who likes a small to moderate size dildo for anal or vaginal use. The Fuze Harmony also has a slight tapered headless tip, making it easier to insert.

D. It has a cool, unique base that I wanted to try and a spot for my new We-Vibe Tango!


Fuze Harmony with We-Vibe Tango

We’ve experimented with pegging a handful of times, but I’d still say we’re pretty new to it, so when I first saw the Fuze Harmony, I was concerned that the firm silicone would make this toy feel too large for him. We even put off trying it out for a bit because of my concern it would be too much. But alas, I worried for nothing because this is his favorite toy to be pegged with.

As the person wearing the Fuze Harmony, I found that while the ridged based didn’t really add any extra stimulation, the addition of a bullet vibe made this base awesome. I always I love giving, and enjoy pegging without any stimulation, but the bonus of also enjoying the sensations of the vibrator felt like it really added something to the experience for both of us.

I was worried that the curved base wouldn’t be compatible with all the harnesses, but it fits great in both my Tantus Harness and my Bella and Deuce SpareParts harnesses.

While I think the Fuze Harmony might be slightly large for a first time pegging experience, it might still be okay with enough of a warm up. Fuze also makes a slightly smaller toy, the Fuze Velvet, which is 5.5″ long by 1″ in diameter that might be a better option to start with.


The Fuze Harmony is designed to be more enjoyable for the person wearing the harness than a dildo with a standard flat base. For the receiver, I can tell you that the smooth texture and small ridges along the top of the dildo are smooth enough to feel good but also big enough to feel them. The glossy texture combined with lots of lube (and you should always be using lots of lube, especially for anal play) created a dildo with almost no drag or friction.

This might not be the smallest toy that we have in the drawer but with plenty of warm up and lots of it felt great the smooth shape and slightly tapered head made it easy to work with. Although the Fuze Harmony’s silicone is on the firmer side, it has enough bend to it that it was still fun to use, and not uncomfortable.

Though we’ve experimented with anal play on a couple of occasions, I’ve never really experienced any specific pleasure from prostate stimulation and this toy was the same. It felt really good, and is my new favorite to be pegged with, but didn’t do anything special for my prostate. So, while I don’t think that I could get off with just this toy alone, it was a great to play with and a toy we’ll keep using.

The Verdict:

This is definitely a toy worth investing in; it can be used vaginally or anally and is perfect for pegging (just make sure you use lots of lube and warm up first!) Another great thing about it: the price! At Come As You Are it’s (at the time of posting$53 CAD/$39 USD, which is the cheapest I’ve seen it available for.

Pick up a Fuze Harmony at Come As You Are!

 (If it’s your first time with anal play, consider picking up the Fuze Velvet instead!)

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  1. I’m also been experimenting with pegging and trying to find some new dildos, so I’m going to order Fuze Harmony and give it a try. <3

  2. Kalliopeia Reply

    Oh, that’s a pretty good price for such a well-thought out dildo. I’m not sure how well the base would work for someone who has lots of mons/labia, but it looks like a great product. Thanks for the review!

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