Everyone, this is Mimi. Mimi, meet everyone.Je Joue Mimi Vibrator

Je Joue’s Mimi is a small, flattened egg-shaped vibrator that’s easy to hold, even in my child-size hands, at 3.25″ long x 2″ wide. Made of hard plastic encased in silicone, and a bit of ABS plastic around the controls, Mimi has five vibration settings and is waterproof. If you prefer a softer touch, Je Joue also offers the Je Joue Mimi Soft which is nearly the same as Mimi, but with an additional bit of silicone at the tip of the toy. There are 3 buttons: plus, minus and a small center button which offers preprogrammed vibration patterns. You hold down (for a full second or so) the plus button to turn on and the minus to turn off, and while Mimi is turned on the plus button increases and minus decreases the vibrations. Pretty standard stuff. Having to hold down the button down rather than just pressing it to turn on makes it more ideal for travel, but since isn’t an actual travel lock feature it could still get turned on en-route to wherever you’re going.

The silicone Mimi is made of has very little drag, picks up less dog fur than most of my other silicone toys, and although it was a close call, Je Joue’s Mimi feels even better than the Lelo Ella when you rub it against your face (this felt like a pretty standard thing to test, right??) Mimi’s quiet too; against skin it can’t really be heard at all from more than a few feet away, and can’t be heard at all through walls, even on the highest vibration setting. Mimi has great, rumbly vibrations that are not at all buzzy, but the strong vibrations mean that my hand eventually went numb. While Mimi is listed at having a 2-hour battery life on a 2-hour charge, I left it plugged in last weekend overnight and used it for at least a couple of hours this week and it’s still going strong.

Je Joue Mimi Vibrator

While it makes for a beautiful design, Mimi is so symmetrical that it’s extremely hard to tell if you’re pushing the + or – button without actually hitting it and if you find you’ve hit the wrong one it’s pretty irritating. The only non-symmetrical thing on Mimi is a red heart that lights up above Je Joue’s logo indicating the front of the toy, although calling it the front is arbitrary. If you’re using Mimi in a position where you’re able to see this light, you could maybe identify which button is which, but it would be hard to see the light in most positions.
Another issue is that Mimi is charged magnetically, and I found the magnetic connection to be really weak. While this is not really much of an issue, and didn’t affect my ability to use the vibrator, it did change how and where I was able to leave it plugged in. My usual way of charging toys is to plug it in, throw it in a drawer, and close it enough that the cord hangs out but you can’t really see the toys. This is ideal for the occasional spontaneous family visits my partner and I often get, as we just moved back to the area and our families haven’t gotten sick of us yet. While I’m fairly positive his mother wouldn’t have the slightest clue this was a vibrator (I watched “Burn After Reading” with my partner’s family and they were convinced the Liberator wedge George Clooney’s character carried around was for his bad back), I like to keep things put away anyways. For Mimi to charge properly, it basically needs to be laid flat on a table and left to charge; jostling the cord will make it disconnect fairly easily. This isn’t a huge deal, but I wish the magnets were a bit stronger and felt more secure (although the heart does light up when charging, so you know it’s properly attached, which is nice).

Je Joue Mimi Vibrator

I have also found that whether it’s water-based lube (Je Joue recommends water-based as this is a silicone toy) or natural lubrication, Mimi is super hard to hold when wet, but I suppose that’s the trade-off for the silky, drag-free silicone I mentioned before. Still, it complicates things as you try to hold on to both your impending orgasm and a very slippery toy while trying to get yourself off.



Does it get me off? Mimi sounds almost perfect on paper… so why does it do almost nothing for me?

I don’t think it’s the design flaws Mimi has, although clearly there are some. As lovely as Mimi is, my clit is a bit too power-hungry and the vibrations just aren’t intense enough to bring me to orgasm. If you don’t need extremely strong vibrations, Mimi might enough for you, as I know many other reviewers love it. My very scientific testing (which I conducted by holding one in each hand) showed that Mimi’s highest vibration setting felt like about 1/2 of the Magic Wand Original‘s low setting, which my vulva has become very accustomed to. Even though Mimi alone couldn’t bring me to orgasm, the vibrations still feel good, and I might continue using it as a warm-up, but it’s likely going to just end up back at the bottom of a drawer where it’s lived up until I decided to review it.

Je Joue Mimi VibratorWant a Je Joue Mimi for your collection? You can get one at SheVibe!





I purchased this toy for my own use, but affiliate links are used within this post. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Backwoods Bedroom Reply

    I had the same complaint about the controls wth the Je Joue FiFi.

  2. Kalliopeia Reply

    Yeah, this wouldn’t do it for me now, but I wish I’d gotten something like this as a first vibrator rather than the shitty watch-battery Bodywand I did get (and spent wayyyyy too much money on)

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