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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit jealous of all those g-spot orgasm having people out there. I’m well aware of all the technical facts; where it is, the ways most people stimulate theirs, etc. but I have never had success achieving a g-spot orgasm. My g-spot feels good when stimulated, but without clitoral stimulation, it rarely does much for me. I might just not be wired for g-spot orgasms, which is fine too (blended orgasms are pretty fantastic anyways), but if it IS possible I’m determined to figure out how to have one.

When Tantus asked me what toys they would generously allow me to review, I definitely wanted to get something that could help me further explore my g-spot, and decided on the G-Force. If you’re not already familiar with Tantus, you should absolutely check them out. Not only do they have one of the nicest customer service teams I’ve dealt with from any industry, but ALL the toys they make are made from 100% ultra-premium silicone, meaning they’re body-safe and can be sanitized. Awesome right? Toys made only of 100% silicone allows those who are really sensitive and/or have allergic reactions to relax and enjoy without concern, because silicone is one of the safest materials available.

The Tantus G-Force, is a simple and well designed toy, featuring a glossy finish on the top and a slightly textured matte finish on the ribbed handle. The silicone used throughout is firm; there is just a tiny hint of give to it when pressure is applied. Despite the firmness of the silicone, the overall toy is quite bendy while still offering enough structure to apply moderate pressure where you want it. The G-Force’s handle looks like it was dipped into the textured matte silicone, making the transition seamless and leaving no awkward seams to keep clean. The textured handle also makes it far easier to hold on to when you’re all lubed up. At the bottom of the handle is a stamped Tantus logo, which I thought felt a bit weird when first holding the toy, but I quickly forgot about while actually using it. The Tantus G-Force is available in both the plum color shown or black (note: the plum looks more red on their website, but I like this color better anyways). The G-Force measures in at 10.75″ when straightened out, and 10″ when measured with its natural curve. The circumference of the widest point of the head is roughly 4.4″, and lessens to 3″ where it narrows into the handle before getting slightly larger at 3.75″ around. It’s also a pretty light toy, weighing in around 0.5 a pound, so your arms won’t get too tired using it, the G-Force does not have a flared base, so anal play isn’t a good idea.Tantus G-Force - hedonish.com

Silicone is my personal favorite of all sex toy materials; its non-porous texture means it can be sterilized. Like all non-motorized silicone toys it can be cleaned by washing with antibacterial soap and warm water, or you can sterilize by boiling or washing it on the top rack of your dishwasher without detergent if you have a sanitize setting. Another good option is a 10% bleach, 90% water solution but the smell of bleach makes me sick, so I stick to using the dishwasher when possible (also it’s easier). Just make sure to stick with a water-based lube, as silicone lube can bond with the silicone of the toy.

At 10″ the G-Force has more than enough length to act as a sufficient handle for just about anyone. A lack of a good handle is something that drives me crazy about many dildos, and the length was a big part of why I selected the G-Force. The handle makes it easier to be in a comfortable position, something that makes it a lot easier for me to orgasm, and really, who can fuck themselves into oblivion if they can’t comfortably reach the toy (damn my short arms!) Anyone unclear about just how much I love handles on a toy? Good, moving on then.

I found that I enjoyed using the G-Force the most once I am really turned on. With my muscles clenching around just the head of the G-Force, tugging on the toy slightly I was able to rub it perfectly against my g-spot. It doesn’t offer the intense level of pressure that my partner’s fingers would, but I find that although intense pressure can feel good, it’s often too much for me to orgasm with. With the G-Force I was able to apply the right amount of pressure to give me some pretty awesome orgasms (and hey, that’s all I really want anyways). I also found that twisting the toy side-to-side, and long, slow thrusts where I could feel the head of the toy drag against my inner walls, felt good too. I still have not mastered the elusive g-spot orgasm, but I did manage some great blended ones with added clitoral stimulation. Despite the great orgasms I achieved, unless I could get to the exact right amount of turned-on-ness, the G-Force felt good, but not particularly special. However, once I reached that right level it would suddenly feel really good and the orgasms took me by surprise (my orgasms are hard-won, and almost never take me by surprise).

Tantus G-Force - hedonish.com
G-Force Detail

I feel like the universe balances out the fact that it can be hard for me to orgasm by giving me the ability to have multiple orgasms (I know that sounds contradictory, but sometimes it’s easier to orgasm and I have multiples and sometimes having one orgasm is a challenge… my body’s pretty finicky). That being said, I found that a second orgasm was pretty easy for me to achieve using the G-Force. Side note: I think the G-Force helped me figure out that I enjoy g-spot stimulation far more when I’m fully aroused or after my first orgasm then earlier during play (since I’ve always come so much easier from clitoral stimulation, I never spent a lot of time exploring my g-spot until now).

What did I dislike about the G-Force? Not much really. The silicone has a decent amount of drag, but with enough lube that’s not too much of an issue. You could also probably get rid of your feather dusters (do people still use those) and just place a few G-forces around the house—the dust will go right to it. Realistically though, although G-force does tend to pick up more dust then the average silicone toy, it feels like a very small price to pay for high quality body safe materials, but you should plan to wash this toy before and after play, which I’ve resigned myself to doing with all my silicone toys anyway.

Should you get a G-Force? If you’re like me and you’re looking to explore what kinds of g-spot stimulation you enjoy, and you have a few extra bucks to spend, I would absolutely recommend it. If your already an expert with your g-spot I’d suggest the G-Force if you know you enjoy moderate pressure, stimulating your g-spot with side to side motions, or applying g-spot pressure by clenching around a toy. You can buy the G-Force directly from Tantus’ website.Tantus G-Force - hedonish.com

The Tantus G-Force was kindly sent to me free of charge by Tantus, Inc. in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own (including all the nice things I said about Tantus, I just think they’re a great company). Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. Kalliopeia Reply

    YAY for handles! I have short arms, and I’m very much pro-handles on dildos.

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  15. That really is such a pretty colour, you know. I love the “wine” colour Tantus has, it’s so gorgeous. I’m also surprised at how much bend there is on that, the Tantus silicone I’ve seen is normally much harder, but that’s a nice surprise. I like my G-spotting to have some more bend, which is why I’m often scared of trying metal toys out.
    Oh well, great review, and I suppose I have yet another Tantus toy to watch out for in the Grab Bags!

    • My first comment!!! (I’m a dork and you totally made my night!) I don’t love super firm toys either, I’ve yet to find a glass dildo that’s comfortable to me. This definitely has enough give that if you thrust hard with it it doesn’t hurt, but still has enough firmness to offer good g-spot pressure. Definitely keep an eye out for it (I love that Tantus offers such great grab bags!!) 🙂

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