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I have been drooling over Doxy’s toys for quite some time, so I was beyond thrilled when Doxy asked if there were any bloggers going to Woodhull who wanted to try Doxy’s products and hadn’t yet. I immediately responded with emphatic jumping up and down, waving my hands and yelling “Me! Me! Pick me!” (or whatever the twitter equivalent of that would be). When it came time to choose which toy I would review, my love for wand vibrators pointed me towards the Doxy Die Cast, but I gazed longingly at the Don every time I passed the Doxy table at SFS16.


I’d resigned myself to having to wait to try out this unique looking toy when I heard that Doxy was looking for testers with prostates to try out the Don. As a cis woman, this isn’t a part I’m equipped with, but it just so happens that I’m married to someone who does. So, after a quick phone call to confirm that Mr. Hedonish was on board with my plans, the Don was officially acquired.


Yup, that’s right… this review is Mr. Hedonish’s official debut. 


Doxy's The Don VibratorDoxy is a company best known for, well, the Doxy— a sleek, and very powerful wand vibrator. The Don (formerly known as The Skittle) is the company’s first toy outside the wand style and is a powerful vibrator in its own right. Marketed as an anal toy, the Don is a strangely shaped toy that’s basically a curvy cylinder with a bulb of some sort on top. Mr. Hedonish also insisted we point out that it looks likes a hand giving you a thumbs up…which I now see every time I look at it. The strange shape was actually part of what made me want to try it because it’s unlike any other vibrator I’ve seen (I have serious #vibratorgoals).


The Don is made from platinum cured silicone, has a ABS plastic base, and is powered by plugging it into the wall. Don’t let this deter you if you don’t have a conveniently located outlet, because the Don has the absolute LONGEST cord I’ve ever seen on a toy at 12 feet long. It’s both a lovely feature and a complete nuisance (because I tend to leave my best vibrators plugged in with the cords hanging out of the drawer to my nightstand, for easy access, but the cord is so long I have to wrap it up and put it away). This really isn’t an issue, I’m just super lazy post-orgasm so it seems like more effort than it is. Thankfully Doxy provides a reusable velcro tie to keep the cord neatly wrapped up. About 33″ down the cord from the toy is a small controller with the same light-up buttons as on the Doxy Die Cast, featuring an on/off button and up and down buttons. Doxy also did a good job keeping the seam where the silicone and ABS plastic meet pretty small, and thankfully I haven’t noticed it trapping lube or whatnot.


The Don also conveniently stands on its own; something I feel is a seriously undervalued feature… it’s very useful mid-play to be able to put it down without getting lube and bodily fluids all over the place. But the most surprising feature about the Don is definitely how quiet it is, given how much power it packs. The vibrations range from 3000 to 5300 RPM (for reference the Doxy Wand reaches 9000 RPM), but the Don is far quieter than my Magic Wand and my Die Cast. How quiet is it? As long as you have a door you can close, you could safely use if without anyone outside that room hearing it (the Don definitely could have spared me some awkward moments in college).


The Don can be sanitized, but as with all silicone toys with motors, it can’t be boiled or put in the dishwater (water + electronics = no bueno). To clean this toy I wipe it down using isopropyl alcohol or a toy cleaner. Since we knew we’d be using this toy for both anal and vaginal use, I found it easier to use a condom (yes, I checked, a regular condom fits despite the strange shape) for anal play, rather than having to worry too much about germs (note: Mr. Hedonish and I are fluid bonded, so we don’t worry about STIs).


 Doxy's The Don Vibrator


Despite being marketed as an anal vibrator, I think we all realize that vibrators—assuming they have a flared base for anal usage—can be used by anybody for any part of the body.

With that in mind, we’ve tried out the Don in a multitude of ways:


Prostate & Anal Play:

His Thoughts:

I like anal toys, so I was really hoping I would like the Don, but it’s just extremely awkward to use. I use anal toys primarily while I play with my partner and unless you’re holding the Don in place it falls back out. The heavier part of the toy is external, making the Don awkwardly weighted and basically guaranteeing it won’t stay in on its own. It probably would have helped if the bottom of the “bulb” was narrower to help keep it in place. The bulb on top was too short to reach my prostate, and even though the vibrations are strong it felt nice but didn’t really do much for me. I think it would have been a more successful toy if the “bulb” was longer so it could reach my prostate and also so that it was better balanced and could be hands-free. I really wanted to like it, but this wasn’t the anal toy for me.


Her Thoughts: 

I’m honestly not a big fan anal play generally. I want to like it, but mostly it’s just not my thing. There are a few exceptions, which maybe I’ll discuss another time, but the Don isn’t one of them. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Hedonish’s assessment: it felt awkward. It kept slipping out, and one of us had to hold it in place. I could see how a lot of people wouldn’t mind that it’s not hands-free, but I don’t use toys anally outside of partner play and I like having use of my hands (or hand, since one of them is usually holding a vibrator on my clit). Although it’s not really a bad thing, since the Don wasn’t designed to be used while having PIV sex, I still want to mention that there really aren’t any positions where you could have penetrative sex while using the Don. Even if you held it in place, it’s too large and would get in the way (although you could use it for clitoral stimulation during sex). I think with a few improvements, like the ones my partner pointed out, this could be a much more successful toy for anal play.


Penis Stimulation:

After seeing Perineum Plunder’s review of the Don (the Skittle at the time) where he says that the Don felt amazing around the head of his penis, I tried it on Mr. Hedonish’s using groove between the bulb and the slightly raised nub as a penis-hammock of sorts. He said it felt…nice. It was pleasant but not super pleasurable. Ehh… maybe it’s just not his thing.


Clitoral Stimulation:

Clitoral stimulation is really where the Don really shines for me. I tend to gravitate towards wand vibrators because of the broad vibrations and the intense power, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the Don. If you like powerful vibrators like me, you may be looking at the RPMs and thinking… well why wouldn’t I just get the Doxy or the Die Cast instead? Here’s the thing, while it’s not as intensely powerful as the Doxy, you can pinpoint where the vibrations go far better with the Don than a huge wand head, so the vibrations feel just about equal in intensity. Even as someone who isn’t generally a fan of pinpoint clitoral stimulation, the Don still works for be because it’s so damn rumbly that it still felt like the vibrations weren’t clustered in a single area.
A perk: I have trouble sleeping, A LOT. I often masturbate to help myself fall asleep (if you don’t, I highly recommend it), but my other vibrators wake up Mr. Hedonish, so I generally just use my fingers (not that I mind). Remember how quiet I said the Don is? Well, the Don is the only vibrator I own that gets me off and is quiet enough that I can use it right next to my partner without waking him. I have no idea if sharing this information will help anyone else, but it made me pretty happy.


Doxy's The Don Vibrator


As a prostate toy, the Don falls short… literally.
The bulb meant for insertion just isn’t long enough to reach the prostate.  A few adjustments we think might help would be to extend the bulb and making the bottom of the bulb narrower. Extending the bulb would allow it to reach the prostate and to hopefully help with the weight distribution since currently the heavier external part basically guarantees that the toy will continuously fall out if not held in place, and the narrow bulb base would further allow it to stay put.


Despite all of this, I still really like the Don. It has great, and quiet, rumbly vibrations making it a great purchase for penis-owners who like vibrations on the head or shaft of their penis, those who likes strong clitoral stimulation, and anyone who needs a strong but quiet vibrator.

You can get your own Don by Doxy at SheVibe!

The Don by Doxy was kindly sent to me free of charge by Doxy in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect or change my opinions, and all thoughts expressed are my own. Affiliate links are used within this post. 


  1. Kalliopeia Reply

    I’ve heard it’s really good for clitoral use- pretty pinpoint and also super rumbly, like you said- but it’s not cool that it fails at what it’s branded to do. Off-brand use works, but still. Huh.

  2. I also have lots of trouble falling asleep, and I also masturbate to help. I also use my fingers to avoid waking up my blissfully sleeping partner… After reading your review, I have make up my mind about buying the don. Thanks for this review.

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