Write for Hedonish

Are you interested in being a guest writer for Hedonish? We’d love to discuss it with you!

We’re open to pitches on all sorts of sex-positive topics (so if your article idea doesn’t fit one of the topics below, still your pitch our way) and we’re especially interested in articles about:

  • Chronic illness, disability, accessibility, mental health and how it intersects with sexuality
  • Sexual health
  • LGBTQ+
  • Sexual disorders/sexual pain disorders
  • Consent
  • Polyamory & open relationships
  • Sex toys
  • Sex-positive Events/Experiences

• Articles: We’re looking for articles that are around 700-1600 words long and are original content that has not been posted elsewhere.

• Compensation: Right now we’re able to offer $20/per article, paid via PayPal. I’m working towards being able to offer more compensation in the future.

• Bio & Photo: Please also provide and a bio and photograph to use. Please include any sites you’d like to link to and your social media handles so we can promote you! (Just let us know if you prefer to be anonymous.

• We are not currently accepted sponsored guest posts or guest posts written on behalf of companies.

•Disclaimers: Not all pitches will be accepted. I reserve the right to refuse any guest post, for any reason. I may lightly edit your post for grammar or clarity, however, if any larger edits are needed, it will be sent back to you for approval prior to posting.