Here are a few of my presentation and workshop classes. If you’re looking for something else, I’m happy to work together to tailor-make something that fits your needs. Please contact me for rates and availability.

Get Your Head in the Game: Having Great Sex with a Noisy Brain

Everyone has experienced having a “noisy brain” during sex at one point or another, and for some, it’s a constant challenge, especially for those who have ADHD or anxiety. For some people staying in the moment during sex isn’t as simple as just trying harder to focus, and the usual suggestions of mindfulness and meditation don’t work for everyone. We spend most of our days working on our ability to multitask, and when we can’t turn that off during sex we consider it a problem at best and a personal failure at worst. This presentation will cover a bit about how a bit about how ADHD, anxious, and noisy brains work and how they can impact sex. We’ll discuss some specific challenges noisy brains can pose during sex and, most importantly, practical tips for having great sex no matter how noisy your brain is. Audience interaction will also be encouraged, but not required, through an open discussion of what participants often find distracting during sex, what other tips and tricks work for them, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Hurts So Good: How Pain Disorders Can Affect Sexuality

Just as it affects most aspects of life, chronic pain and illness can have a significant impact on your sex life too! From re-learning how to relate to your body after diagnosis to conversations with partners and healthcare providers, there is very little education provided to chronic pain/illness community about how to navigate sexual health and pleasure. In this session, we will address the challenges of living chronic conditions and provide ideas on how to self-advocate and communicate needs and boundaries. Attendees will participate in an active discussion and come away with a better understanding of how pain affects sexuality, ways to offer support and guidance to those in pain, and more.

Sex & Sensitivities: Lube, Latex, and more!

Have a lot of sensitivities? Learn to navigate them with ease with this workshop!