Welcome to Hedonish—an inclusive, sex-positive, pleasure-focused educational resource for everyone.

We believe that sex education and sex toys are important and wonderful things for all bodies, and we want to support and encourage everyone to learn what they can so they can make educated decisions about what works for them. A lot of our content focuses on and discusses the intersections chronic illness, disabilities, and sexuality, but much of our content and reviews have information that most people can find useful. We’re glad you’re here and we hope you find the information you’re looking for. If you’d like to share feedback or share which topics you’d like to see featured more on Hedonish, please contact us!

Rachael Rose

Hedonish’s Founder

Rachael Rose (she/her) is an educator, writer, and activist whose work focuses on sexuality, sexual health, and the intersections of chronic illness and sex. She’s a queer, polyamorous ciswoman who has been casually collecting chronic illnesses for the last decade or so, and her own experiences with illness inspired her to start Hedonish to help normalize discussions of sexuality and chronic illness and to act as a resource for others.

Rachael hopes to improve the quality of conversations around sex between doctors and patients, by providing inclusive, sex-positive, pleasure-focused education and teaching people how to advocate for their sexual health and the sex lives they want to have. Rachael has presented at conferences internationally as a sex educator and speaker.


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